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Unconventional Sales Help California Housing Market
With the new housing laws in effect, the number of bank-owned properties is declining. This, along with a large number of investors picking up properties with hopes to profit has helped the California housing market flourish... read more

The Homeowner Bill of Rights
While the housing market slowly improving, many are still faced with the tough decision to foreclose on their homes. Out of the top 100 U.S. zip codes hit the hardest with foreclosure sales, 38 were in California alone... read more

Calital Gains Tax Increase in 2013
During the Bush administration, tax on capital gains was decreased to 15%. These tax cuts are ready to expire soon, and if they do, after 2013 you could have to pay up to 25% in taxes on capital gains earned from selling stocks, bonds, or real estate... read more

New California Corporation Types
When filing for incorporation, it is important that the type of corporation accurately describes your business. If your operations pursue the objectives of both For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations, you can now file as a Flexible Purpose Corporation or a Benefit Corporation... read more

Big Cities File for Bankruptcy
Some individuals and small business owners are hesitant to file for bankruptcy on the assumption that it is "morally wrong" and that they must pay off their debt at any cost to maintain their accountability and stay true to their promises... read more

Arbitration Clauses
Many construction companies include arbitration clauses in their contracts with managers, property owners, or HOA's. These provisions articulate how parties may resolve litigation- usually exclusively in private arbitration. Previously, most courts would not enforce... read more

Are Banks Prepared for Litigation Risk?
With the financial sector constantly under scrutiny for one scandal after another, it is difficult to determine which institutions are worthy of being trusted with consumers' money. All banks set aside a reserve to manage their risk of lost profits over litigation risks... read more

Libor Scandal
Earlier this year, the world's financial sectors were rocked by yet another scandal. This time it involved international interest rates influenced by the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor, when creating millions of financial contracts around the world... read more

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