Business Formation

We advise entrepreneurs on the right legal structure to form their enterprise. We will advise on the choice of business entity, including formation of S corporations, C corporations, close corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and limited liability partnership (LLPs) and professional corporations for CPAs/accountants, doctors, dentists, architects, real estate and mortgage brokers, attorneys, and other licensed professionals.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur mulling that first solo business venture or a seasoned businessperson plotting the next successful business start-up, an experienced business planning attorney can provide the necessary advice to ensure your new business gets off on the right foot.

Abbasi & Associates' business lawyers regularly assist aspiring business persons, founders and entrepreneurs with the formation of their companies. Companies can be formed using multiple types of entities and corporate structures, such as a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. The firm's corporate attorneys listen to the client's needs and expectations for a start-up enterprise. We counsel clients through the multiple federal and state corporate and laws that will affect the legal entity and ownership structure.

The goal of incorporation is to protect your personal assets from the disaster of a business failure and to provide a legal structure for the future growth and expansion of your business. We can take you through the steps necessary to protect your personal assets from the risks of owning and running a business while at the same time provide with practical advice as to expanding your business or cutting back.

Incorporating your business may be as simple as converting your existing sole proprietorship or partnership business into a corporation or limited liability company. Choosing a business structure is only the beginning of the formation process. Included in the initial start-up process is legal advice concerning business registrations and business compliance matters. All of the firm's efforts in connection with the formation of a new entity are enhanced by the wide range of legal experience of our attorneys.


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