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As a boutique firm, where business litigation, real estate litigation, and bankruptcy are the cornerstones of the firm's practice, Abbasi & Associates offers its clients highly sophisticated, prompt, efficient, goal-oriented representation and value-driven legal practices, tailored to the clients' needs and devoted to bringing every matter to a successful conclusion, every case to a successful resolution, and delivering excellent results to the clients, as well as the winning combination of business-savvy insight, legal expertise, in-depth analysis of all the aspects and issues, faced by the clients, and enhanced, dedicated, client-focused services by virtue of the relationship-oriented approach, responsive to each client's individual goals, with the utmost attention devoted to each client's case.

Our firm is equally adept both at representing plaintiffs at prosecuting cases, and defending the business and individual defendants who are being sued. Our firm also has a full-time transactional and legal drafting department. We can setup a company for you and assist you with starting a new business or venture. We can draft all manner of legal agreements. We can draft agreements between partners, companies, individuals for any business venture. Therefore, as we are both a transactional and litigation firm having, Abbasi & Associates is able to provide its clients with advise as to how to avoid litigation, properly structure a real estate transaction or business, and can represent clients in prosecuting or defending a lawsuit.

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Overall, Abbasi & Associates has developed a deserved reputation for utilizing the strategy and tactics of handling the case in to advance the clients' success by delivering smart, aggressive, and creative representation, achieving victorious solutions, accomplishing clients' goals, and oftentimes even exceeding clients' expectations, as vividly demonstrated and clearly exemplified by the results, achieved in the recent cases, as well as the clients' testimonials.

In sum , Abbasi & Associates offers personalized service and practical advice to clients across California. Contact our law firm for experienced and knowledgeable advice and for a free consultation.

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Main Office:
6320 Canoga Ave., Suite 220
Woodland Hills, California 91367
Telephone: (310) 358-9341
Facsimile: (310) 358-9351
eFax: (888) 888-709-5448

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Abbasi Law Corporation is located in Beverly Hills California and represents clients in Bankruptcy 7, Bankruptcy 13, Bankruptcy 11, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Business Formation, Real Estate Development & Litigation in Beverly Hills, The San Fernando Valley, Irvine, Burbank, and Los Angeles.

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