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By drawing on the combined talents and experience of our attorneys, our clients can review and analyze contracts for you and your business. Our experienced attorneys are able to review all manner of legal documents to provide you with sound advice as to the effects of the document before you, its requirements, and its legal implications under state and federal law. If you are entering into a contract you want to be sure that your contract is legally enforceable in a court of law and that you are not singing something you did not agree to. Any contractual dispute you can have far reaching and expensive ramifications!

We provide specialized legal services relating to contractual and legal analysis of leases, buy/sell agreements, management agreements, commission agreements, consignment agreements, secured transaction agreements, vendor agreements, import/export agreements, operating agreements, profit sharing agreements, and many other legal documents. We also structure our fees based upon the complexity of your case and will reduce our price for matters involving a significant amount of time.

We welcome entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesspeople seeking information and assistance in these sorts of matters to contact us


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