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If you are a homeowner or small business owner and are preparing for a new construction or remodeling, you should first learn about construction law. Construction law handles all the legal aspects of new construction jobs, ensuring that your workers are bound by contract, your liability is minimized, and your building regulations and codes are being followed.

A lot of work goes into remodeling a home. Much of your time and money is invested when you want to change a portion of your house, so it's important that everything goes smoothly and that all possibilities are accounted for. But no matter how much you prepare for a remodeling job in your home, disputes can arise.

Our lawyers are familiar with the fire codes and laws that businesses and building plans are required to follow. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we can help you ease your suffering by getting you the justice you deserve.

Our lawyers have a great deal of experience pursuing and defending against legal actions for homeowners in the midst of remodeling their homes. If you are planning to remodel your home or are already in a legal battle with the people you've hired, give our offices a call. We will carefully assess your options to help you build your case and take swift action when necessary.

Our construction law attorneys cover a broad variety of legal issues, including contract law, mechanic liens, insurance claims, and more. If you are hiring contractors to work on a new construction, repair, addition, or remodeling, contact us for more information about how we can help you cover all your legal bases.

The lawyers at Abbasi & Associates are educated and qualified on all the up to date laws and regulations of construction law and can ensure that your small business is protected against avoidable lawsuits and necessary legal disputes. Meet with our experiences attorneys and get the legal support you need to keep your business safe during construction.


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