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Los Angeles Real Estate Transactions Attorney
Abbasi & Associates provides practical and knowledgeable legal counsel related to all aspects of real estate transactions, entity formation, development, construction, sale and financing. We carefully monitor legal decisions affecting our clients and take a proactive approach in dealing with potential issues and/or problems. At Abbasi & Associates, we have helped many individuals, small/medium sized businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs with assistance with in relation to trading, owning, and managing residential and commercial property.

Real Estate Transaction Advisor and Counselor

At Abbasi & Associates, we view our role as true Counselors at Law, we identify and resolve any problems that arise prior to the completion of a real estate transaction. We strive to work through all potential issues so that the closing runs smoothly and the transaction is not bogged down by an issue that was overlooked. We also counsel brokers regarding the potential liabilities in dealing with clients and the opposing parties in real estate transactions.

Complex Problems and Legal Issues in Real Estate Transactions

Property purchases, joint tenancy, Tenancy in Common (TIC), and condominium conversions present a complex set of potential problems where you need experienced legal representation. Even though the real estate transaction is complete, there still may be issues after the formal closing. Parties sometimes breach contracts and buyers may not discover defective conditions until after the signing of all documents.

Defending Your Rights in Real Estate Transactions

Matthew Abbasi, Esq., the firm's real estate partner, has over 10 years of experience in real estate development, construction, and complex litigation involving real estate. In the past decade, Mr. Abbasi has consulted with clients to assess risks and identify benefits in real estate transactions. Landlords and tenants have counted on him to aggressively represent them and defend their rights. Sellers and buyers have relied on him for his knowledge of real estate transactional law and attention to details.

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced real estate transactions lawyer regarding real estate purchases and sales, please contact us by e-mail or call us at 818-888-6614.


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