Civil Litigation

Business Litigation
Abbasi & Associates has a diverse and sophisticated boutique litigation practice. We have Plaintiff and Defense experience in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Overall, we focus our representation on the practical as well as cost-effective and, if appropriate, aggressive resolution of disputes.

Our approach to litigation utilizes the full spectrum of skills our various attorneys possess to the benefit of our clients. Our firm's experienced litigation attorneys handle all manners of civil actions. Amongst other things, Abbasi & Associates, P.C.'s experienced civil litigation attorneys handle matters involving: More on Business Civil Litigation

Business and Contractual Civil Litigation

At Abbasi & Associates we represent individuals and corporate clients who conduct business in a wide range of areas and are embroiled in a variety of commercial, contractual, and personal disputes.
More on Contractual Civil Litigation

Construction Law and Litigation

If you are a homeowner or small business owner and are preparing for a new construction or remodeling, you should first learn about construction law. Construction law handles all the legal aspects of new construction jobs, ensuring that your workers are bound by contract, your liability is minimized, and your building regulations and codes are being followed.
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